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Welcome on the Malagasy Wiktionary :) --Jagwar grrrr... / homewiki 30 Jolay 2012 à 12:40 (UTC)

Please consider this diff in the case you create further entries. Best regards. -Jagwar grrrr... / homewiki 30 Jolay 2012 à 13:26 (UTC)

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... for Malagasy pronunciations ;). I don't have a good quality microphone, so I didn't produce more than eleven. Happy listening! --Jagwar grrrr... / homewiki 20 Aogositra 2012 à 16:09 (UTC)

I really enjoyed If possible, please do continue common computer words or basic words of malagasy. I think writing system of your language is as english. Am i correct? Commons:Category:Malagasy language has been created by me. I am having little bit modifying knowledge over audio files. Please let me share, tip-1 when you close the recording, wait for 2/3seconds. tip-2 reduce the input level of mic after amplify the sound file. tip-3 nothing to worry about your microphone.Something is better than nothing. I think you are mailed me as rado.kaonty. I am learning and i will reply in a week (as usual). I am ready to assist for your audio files. please add a note in commons data that I am a native speaker of malagasy. the note increase the value of the audio file. Rest in next. Bye,Sir.--THA-uzhavan (discussion) 21 Aogositra 2012 à 09:19 (UTC)

Thanks for the tips, They were really helpful. So I'll continue to lend my voice on Malagasy pronunciations. Some audio files I have uploaded have some buzzing, so if you can attenuate them, it would be perfect. The malagasy language has been written officially in latin script for nearly 200 years, before that, it was written in an arabic script called Sorabe. The latin script which is used to write Malagasy language had originally 21 letters, without diacritics. Nowadays malagasy language uses the 26 with additional letters to transcribe regional dialects. Best regards. --Jagwar grrrr... / homewiki 21 Aogositra 2012 à 12:14 (UTC)

I tried to remove the buzzing in the audio files. i think failed to remove. with this experience, i want to say, it is better to re-create than modify.i mailed 3 files .--THA-uzhavan (discussion) 25 Aogositra 2012 à 03:11 (UTC)